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“These guys (and gals) are good at what they do! The bootcamp was tough, but it was actually pretty fun! My fitness level definitely improved after about a month training with Adrian. If you want results, I would look them up!”
-          Michelle B.
“Woohoo! Finally lost the weight after having my baby! The bootcamp that Adrian put me through, did the trick. I’ve been to other boot camps or crossfit camps, and they were okay, but AFE made the difference for me.
-          Autumn L.

Exercising in the Spring

Posted by Adrian Medina on April 11, 2012

Spring Time!

Spring is the perfect time to begin a new fitness program, whether you've been sedentary all winter, or simply need a change of pace. Changing up your exercise routine by taking your workout outdoors and adding alternatives to your normal workout, such as taking an outdoor bootcamp class with Adrian’s Fitness Edge can be very beneficial and refreshing. With a little preparation, your spring exercise routine can help you stay fit and healthy for the rest of the year.

If you've spent the winter working out indoors, you may enjoy trying something new, or adapting your current workout to the outdoors. For example, if you normally workout in a gym that is packed with people and truly getting an exercise can be a challenge, then try working out with a smaller group at one of our bootcamps. You get fresh air, personalized attention, and naturally feel better. To make these workouts even more fun, invite your friends or family to join you. Working out with a partner(s) is great because it keeps everyone accountable and you can encourage one another to stick with it.